3-25-16 by dave

There was just a trace from overnight in the parking lot as I arrived, but up on the hill a bit more than and inch of freshness covered the hill top to bottom.  As First Tram left the dock, significant snow fall began to pile up the goods all morning long.  The temps. were quite cold, with a stout wind pushing the wind chill even lower.  With Mineral Basin delayed for a bit, the Morning Crew hit the smooth Groomers on the front of the hill, with Anderson’s Hill and Lower Primrose Path offering untracked butter smooth lines that kept me going back for more.  Low traffic made the back to back pace great to get the most out of the vacant lines.  When Mineral Basin did open, those untracked Groomers were great as well, but the visibility back there was marginal.  Jen Comerford joined the Morning Crew for the morning session.  She had just come from the East Coast, where she was sailing high performance boats, to join the full Winter conditions here on the hill.  This girl seriously rips the hill non stop top to bottom, and was exhibiting some nice high edge angle turns that were very fun to watch.  DSC03696Hard driving snow continued during the entire daily Forklift Debrief, where we compared notes from all reaches of the hill, and planned the afternoon attack.  The off trail was very tricky, with that old crusty layer poking through the new accumulation, requiring some very deliberate turns to make the variations more realistic.  Some fast moving clear spots let some windows of Sun reveal the hill and the smooth goods up high.  Here is a shot of Thunder Bowl looking tempting in the Sun window.  DSC03699Tomorrow, look for additional accumulation to have fallen as a storm front comes though overnight and into tomorrow’s festivities.   The Groomers will still be offering the smoothest lines for the morning session, but the off trail will still be variable.  The new accumulation will be cushioning the ride, but the cold temps. may bring some lighter density Essence that may not mitigate the old layer as much as a higher density product.  I will be taking tomorrow off to work on the Antenna Array that was knocked a bit askew from the high winds of earlier this week.  Stay Frosty!!

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