3-26-16 by dave

That impulse that looked so promising on the radar loop last night did not deliver the goods as they promised, but the Northwesterly flow is keeping the temps pretty chilly.  The clear morning was offering clear visibility, great Groomers that had been refreshed by yesterday’s accumulation, and the cold temps. helped preserve the quality.  Clouds began to build during the late morning and were intermittent all afternoon with cold temps hugging the high elevations.  There were festivities on the Plaza, making for a fun atmosphere and it was great to have nice weather.   Here is a shot of two key members of the Safety Patrol down in the ready room giving me the 411 on the early morning conditions. DSC03698Tomorrow, look for another nice day, though I expect a cold morning, so dress for the chill.  The Groomers will still be offering nice smooth lines with plenty of traction to make those high edge angle turns.  The High North will be offering the best off trail options, as the dry cold is still resident in the underlying pack.  There is more weather expected for next week, so there may be some wind associated with the coming system. DSC02977 Here is a piece of art I did not long ago that I add here for a little color and texture.  Hi Willa!!   IBBY

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