3-27-16 by dave

It was a sunny Easter Sunday today, with freshly Groomed lines on all sides of the hill, cold temps., and light traffic for the morning session.  White Diamonds and Lower Silver Dipper offered smooth, steep, perfection that kept me lapping that line along with Lewis and Clark offerings to round out the carving extravaganza in Mineral Basin.  On the front of the hill, sweet buffed lines had been prepared with Anderson’s Hill and Lower Primrose path offering a dry, chalky consistency that was another ground pounding treat.  The Gad Valley also had freshly tilled lines that have been not been turned since the last installment, and felt sumptuous and smooth.   Here is a shot of the Easter Bunny getting ready for the Easter Egg Hunt.  DSC03701High clouds began to move in, making the light go flat, but there were times when enough Sun streamed through to make the details well defined none the less.  Continued cold temps. kept the quality Winter like all day, keeping the pack from deteriorating very much.  Traffic remained light and there was no waiting for the lifts.  I zoomed all around the hill and got a good look at the off trail where there is still a lot of smooth lines all over, however, the interference patterns are building in the high traffic zones.  Here is a shot of a crew from Denver that were really DSC03703throwing down the festive flair.  I could not resist getting a group shot of them.  Tomorrow, look for the predicted weather system to begin moving into the Front for the next couple of days, which promises to bring the goods in significant quantities.  Expect weather and dress for the conditions.  Remember the smooth lines from this week, or stick to the Groomers which will be providing the smooth ride in the marginal visibility that is sure to make things interesting. That last storm we had did add some cushion to that old crusty layer, so additional accumulation should make that old layer fade away with a full return to Winter.  Get ready for the deep, and be on hand for the Storm Riding.  Straight Ahead!!

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