3-23-16 by dave

Today was the day many folks were waiting for and they showed up in force for the occasion.  After yesterday’s storm event, and the overnight additional accumulation, the hill was primed with very deep Essence that met the expectations of all who where on hand.  High winds overnight did affect the higher elevations, making for some slabby characteristics, but the sheltered and lower elevations were just blower deep and, with few exceptions, mitigated the old crusty layer nicely.  I met Bill and Cory Taylor of Lake Oswego Oregon, who were stoked to get a taste of the creamy goodness up on the hill.  I know they got it in spades when the opening bell sounded.  After last week’s Spring like temps. and snow pack it was great to see the return of WinterDSC03690like conditions that felt more like late January than late March.  Here is a shot of the Snowbird Subaru with the deep coating after two days of accumulation that said awesome.  DSC03691Sections of the hill opened as control work was completed and the crowd wasted no time getting to the big lines that were deep and blastable.  Later in the day Mineral Basin opened, and though I had left the hill by then, you had to know it was going off and offering the great lines I was getting yesterday.  Wall to wall, the hill was hitting all the notes, however, as the pack got worked, it began to pile up into harbor chop, but just a bit of finesse mitigated the variations.  Tomorrow, look for the snow to still be holding the quality, as the cold temps. kept the pack soft. The morning should be quite cold, but the Sun will be affecting the pack as the day warms up, so work the aspects ahead of the Sun for the best quality.  There may be a few spots where the old layer will be peaking through the goods, so expect the unexpected.  Still, the High North and West facing aspects should hold up all day long.  Don’t Forget To SIZZLE!!

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