12-27-13 by dave

The inversion continues, making the peak temps. very pleasant.  With these short days, the Sun is long to rise up to illuminate the West side of the hill, so it was an extra special treat to have Mineral Basin offering some ripping smooth velvet on the Groomers out in Powder Paradise.  The Baldy Express was also offering some very nice buff for the morning crew looking to stay in the bright sunshine. The Cirque Traverse opened for the first time, offering a full range of choices.  The traverse is in good shape for now, however it will get consistently more distressed as days pass.  It looks like there are plenty of lines to choose from on both sides of the hill.  A bit of care is all that is required.  The interference patterns continue to build on the heavily traveled sections, though there are nice long lines on the outside sections of the runs.  Look there for the extra softness that gets pushed to the sides.  Work was being done on the Road to Provo, so perhaps we will see an opening in the near future.  Tomorrow, look for another day of Spring like temps,  Winter quality snow, great early morning carpet rides, and a wide open vertical fest.  Look for great skiing early in Mineral Basin for the morning session as the darkness inhabits the front side of the hill.  Get ready to rock the smoothness in the AM.  Here is a shot of Joman suspended high above the Mineral aspects.   Rock On!!DSC01708

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  1. Joman says:

    Mineral was a fast blast… Grazie, Gu.

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