12-28-13 by dave

Several cloud decks moved over the hill at various times during the day, making the light go flat from time to time.  As anticipated, Mineral Basin had been machine worked nicely, offering smooth velvet for the first couple of hours.  The Sun did make the visibility come alive when it did get out from behind the clouds and the day was a much better with the light.  Lines for the lifts were very light, but there were quite a few folks out on the slopes, with the most congestion in the usual choke points and concentrated runs.  The off trail is becoming stiffer as the days pass.  Aspects that have seen direct sunlight are very crusty.  There are some wind affected sections as well, so look around for the best lines. The Cirque traverse remains covered, however it is becoming a bit icier as it gets worked.  Use caution out there.  Here is as shot of the Sunday Cliffs looking inviting as they have not seen any Sun at all.  Perhaps soon we will be able to sample those lines.  Road to Provo remains closed, though continued work is being done in preparation for the opening.  I will keep you posted.  Tomorrow, look for some weather to have moved through, with lingering clouds.  There may also be some small amount of accumulation. Nice.  Be looking around at the features in advance of the next cycle, so you know  what is under the new cover.  Be sure to keep yourDSC01702 eyes up hill as there is high downhill pressure.  Listening to the stray sounds of folks in close proximity will help keep you abreast of what is going on around you.  See you for the morning rock fest.  Peace Out!!

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