12-29-13 by dave

A cold front moved through the area overnight, lowering the temps, but did not even squeeze a skiff out of the dynamic.  The hill is firming up again with the glazed spots showing up in the usual sections.  The morning corduroy was very nice indeed on both the front and back sides of the hill, and Mineral Basin was offering the carpet ride from the first Tram.  I spent some time out there before the folks started finding it there.  With the return of cold temps., the Snow Guns were working on the hill, making some very silky sections in the vicinity.  There were some sweet turns to dial in within these carpeted sections.  Interference patterns continue to build  in the heavily traveled areas, and the off trail is getting worked gradually.  Look to the edges for the soft snow which gets pushed to the side.  Tomorrow, look for another great morning of smooth cruising, with plenty of Sun on the back side to start things off.  Here is a shot of the East Twin  with very little cover.   I place this shot here to illustrate just how radical the terrain is before it gets covered.  When this all gets filled in we just don’t give this a thought, but this is a serious section of the hill.  Soon, we will get a chance to hit more of the available terrain when we get more cover.  In the mean time scope out the lines  you want to hit, so you know where the features are before they get covered.  See you the first Boat.  Ciao!!!!DSC01705

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