12-26-13 by dave

The Quantum Foam had been stirred up along the boundary terminus of the Andromeda Galaxy as I made made my way back from the Home Planet.  The turbulence was significant, which made aligning the proper time line a difficult endeavor.  I am pretty sure I got it right, but there was one shoe missing without cause which makes me wonder.  Right or wrong I am back and will be on the hill again in the AM.  The inversion is back again as the air quality goes south here in the Valley.  That makes it the perfect time to get up on the hill and get the fresh air of the higher elevations.  Powder Paradise was opened today adding to the available terrain, and the faithful took full advantage of the great snow that was resident out in that area.  The coverage is fair off trail, thoughFractal-Art-5 one needs to exorcise caution, but as the areas get worked the features will be revealed and the surface quality will improve.  This improvement is evident on many of the other off trail sections that are being worked in.  The only aspect of the high traffic is that the very heavily traveled sections are building some interference patterns, however, the cadence of these patterns are long and easy to negotiate.  Tomorrow, look for warmer temps up high as the Sun gets up in the sky,  the groomers to be extra buffed for the early session, and a great day to be on the hill.  Here is a shot of one of the fractal refractions in the Quantum Foam just before I hit the Hyper Drive.  See  you in the AM.   IBBY!!

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  1. Mark Jones says:

    It’s nice to have you back. Will you take me on that ship? that’s a cool photo. Thanks D.P.

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