12-23-13 by dave

There was some delightful accumulation overnight that had a very creamy consistency.  The wind had stripped some of the high points of the West facing sections, but it was filling in other sections as well.  Traffic is increasing as folks arrive for the holidays, and there is a marked increase in Talent on the hill.  Be cautious of fast movers as the full court press is on sometimes, especially when freshness beacons.   I have been keeping a wary eye up hill continually.  The Exotic Trees are filling in now and have some very nice lines to be found.  Mineral Basin is still limited in terrain, but the snow back there is quality and the coverage is good where the Guns have been working.  Interference patterns are beginning to soften and smooth, so keep and eye out for additional lines as the wind works the hill.   The weather is supposed to improve; be looking for fun when you can open it up.  Struggling in the fog pents up the urge to hit it hard.  I will be stepping through the STAR GATE later today and may not be able to get posts up for the next few days.  We will see how the Sub Space Channels are working.  Here is a shot for the holidays .  See you in a few days.   Ciao!!DSC01695

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