2-24-15 by dave

Temps. were a bit warmer this morning, with a cold breeze blowing, bright Sun shining, and a light turnout for the morning session.  Mineral Basin offered a fresh till of the White Diamonds- Lower Silver Dipper combination, which just got better as the Sun played on the aspect.  Fresh tills were also found out and about and it was worth the time to drive around and find the goods.  After all the high winds the past couple of days, some of the wind lines began to shape up.  Here is a shot of a rare appearance of smooth on the Rasta Chutes that called for numerous visits.  The high traffic areas are developing a serious case of high amplitude interference pattens all over the hill. It is easy to DSC02622

get around these areas and find those sections of natural smooth.  It is dry chalky and smooth, but the pitch makes you really pay attention.  Tomorrow, look for a bit warmer day, with some partly cloudy skies, great Groomers, and even more of those wind lines to start shaping up.  Keep your eyes peeled for the goods.  Light traffic should still be a feature, so a big vertical accumulation will be an easy pace to keep.  Walk on chairs are fun to keep a fast pace as you move from end to end of the area.  Serious fun is on hand for the early risers.  Don’t forget to SIZZLE!!



these areas and get some of the smooth that is beginning to happen in certain areas.

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