2-23-15 by dave

The morning was cold indeed again this morning and it was a good thing to have dressed for the  conditions despite the Sun.  Mineral Basin was calling with bright Sun and some nicely prepared Groomers.  White Diamonds did not have a fresh till, but it was still smooth with just a dusting of Essence to top off this treat.  On the front of the hill, wind lines had begun to be favored by the continued East wind that has been set up for the past few days.  Some of the lines have yet to consolidate and are punchy, but you will only find out the hard way by going.  Some of the lines are smooth buff, so there is no telling.  Just follow your nose.  Fast laps are fun to get by taking advantage of the fresh corduroy as it is spread across the entire scope of the hill.   Here is a shot of one of the guns that was fouled by the strong East winds.  I love the lacy nature of this unusual shot.  DSC02618Tomorrow, look for another fast, fun morning, with cold temps. to start, fresh corduroy in which to put first tracks, and light traffic to give you a vertical extravaganza.  The off trail is still soft for the most part, and those wind lines will continue to be worth a look.  Expect a bit of bounce off the beaten path, but there is blastable off trail conditions on many aspects.  The cold is preserving the quality of the last installment, but that old layer is still in play. DSC02617 Here is a shot that I took in the locker room. This caught my eye with the twisted perspective of straight lines.  Hmm, makes one think.  IBBY!!

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