2-25-15 by dave

It was a bit warmer this morning but still cold, and dressing for the temps was required.  A extra special Grooming effort was applied to the White Diamonds- Lower Sliver Dipper line, which was just beyond fun as it had just the right combination of tooth and buff.  Lewis and Clark was being blasted  by that cold North wind that was kicking, scouring much of the tenderizing efforts from the South facing lines.  On the front side of the hill, there were options that kept the hard charging pace going with dry chalky lines that are still holding up.  Though the Sun was shining early in the day, clouds began moving over the hill, flattening the light from time to time.  Here is a shot of the  West Twin as it hit me coming off the Mineral Express Chair.  This view never get’s old.  Despite the low snow pack the skiing has been stellar, and I have been hanging with a crack crew this week, trying out some new gear and talking about tuning options.  DSC02626Tomorrow, look for weather to begin moving in for the next few days.  The lines that have been holding up the smooth can still be counted on in variable visibility, so  have your favorite lines etched in your brain for future reference.  Cold will still be a feature moving forward, and dressing for the changes will pay off.  Look for the smooth for the best lines of the day.  Be sure to start planning your lines  now, for when the freshness covers the features.  That will come in handy soon.   See you for the morning explorations.  Peace Out!!

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