3-10-20 by dave

It was a beautiful morning with just a bit of wind, incredibly smooth Groomers on all sides of the hill, and bright Sun to illuminate the Dance Floor. There were a few freshly worked lines that were rare and ignored, providing some vacant lines that kept me coming back for more. Here is a shot Jake sent of one of the last remaining sections that is rarely ever opened.

A surprise opening of the unreliable gate that rarely ever gets the nod. Here is some sweet Powder still holding the cold.

The Big Smooth had been prepared once again, offering top to bottom, hard driving fun. Got to love that big mountain smooth. Here is a shot I got traversing under the Bookends.


Tomorrow, look for more of those incredible machine worked lines on all sides of the hill, more Sun to keep the visibility high def, and light traffic to keep the mojo working. The off trail is still offering soft lines with improving consistency as it gets work over. The interference patterns are building in amplitude, but there are plenty of lines that bypass the issue. See you there for the dark and early runs. Speed Safely!!!

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