3-11-20 by dave

There was a short window of Sunshine in Mineral Basin and The Morning Crew took advantage of the light to work the Lewis and Clark area, where the groomed lines were fast and fun. As anticipated, the South facing aspects did indeed take the heat, and, while the machine worked lines were very consistent, there was a distinct crunch to the mat. On the front side of the hill, The Peruvian Gulch was offering the best quality, as it seemed to be holding the cold and had a soft feel. Here is a shot of Provo Peak under thick clouds, while the Basin was bathed in Sunlight.

Very dramatic clouds were hanging over Provo Peak with a high contrast frame of sunshine.

Traffic was very light, with walk on Trams going off all day long. The vertical program was full on and keeping a brisk pace kept the stoke high despite the flat light. The Grooming crew have been doing an amazing job of keeping the entire mat smooth and curb free, which is a very big deal when there is Zero detail in the surface of the mat and your carrying speed on to the flats. Thanks guys, makes my day. Here is a shot of Team Tennessee, who I met while waiting for first Tram. This is their first time at The Bird, and have been having a great week working the hill.

Team Tennessee stoked and ready to get the Party Started!!

Tomorrow, look for a clear day, with Sunshine on the hill all day. It will be a very welcome feature, with the Groomers perfect for full on Rock and Roll. The hill is in great shape wall to wall. The off trail continues to be challenging, but a slow deliberate approach does make those lines dialable. Don’t Forget To SIZZLE!!!

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