11-25-13 by dave

It was very low key for this Monday morning, with a light turn out for the first Tram.  The early morning run down Regulator was graced with a velvet dusting of fresh Gun Powder that felt luxurious under foot.  After an hour the Sun got high enough in the sky to illuminate the dance floor making the lines pop out.  I got some very nice untracked turns under the guns as the traffic did not see the lines early on.  Bonus!!.  The Cat Crew did a very nice job working the recent freshness into the mat, and it made a difference in the over all feel.  The consistency held up all day without any chop build up, and with the traffic working the field, it seemed to get better with time.  Tomorrow looks to be another Blue Bird day, with fresh machine worked fun for the early risers.  Here is a shot of the West Twin with a silver bird tracking the sky unaware of the fun fest 30,000′ below.  Well, someone might have been looking down thinking about lost opportunity, or not.  Take advantage of the training runs during this early season to be fully ready for the goodness in store.  See you on the first Boat.  Ciao!!DSC01635

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