11-26-13 by dave

There was some very nice coverage on Regulator to greet the morning crew who showed up for the relaxed conditions.  The base is adding up with the machine made sections getting fuller.  I got some very nice untracked turns during those first few runs.  When the Sun rose up, illuminating the dance floor, it was much easier to spot the silky lines that extended well below the guns.  Nice!!  The Peruvian Gulch is going to open in the morning, so that will open up a new set of options to explore.  The main lines over there seem well covered, but some of the periferal areas still look like they need a bit more cover.  Some of the fat guts look like they will be good to go, but the quality looks very variable with some zipper crust sections that might be interesting to negotiate.  That is an exciting addition and will go  a long way to spread the traffic out a bit.  I am going to work the main sections and just dip my toe in the off trail to see how it feels. The Chef would say, “Never get out of the boat”, but I think a bit of cautious exploration will be well worth the effort.  Tomorrow, look for another low traffic morning with fresh Gun Powder to be the order of the day.  Those velvet turns are certainly worth the effort. Here is a shot of the Peruvian Gulch from the Plaza. It is looking much better after the snow we have seen recently.  See you there early,  IBBY!!DSC01634

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