11-27-13 by dave

It was another beautiful,IMAG0273 still morning for first Tram, with high energy ready to get some of the silk from the Machines.  Peruvian Gulch opened at around 11 AM, which provided an entirely new perspective to the day.  The coverage on the main prepared  runs was excellent, and the upper mountain had fair coverage off trail, however the wise money will wait until there is a bit more snow to wade out of the Boat.  I did dip my toe in the water on a couple of exposures and found a real range of consistency.  Most sections have quite a zipper crust on the surface, so use caution.  The Lower part of Chips was very firm, but well covered.  Tomorrow, look for a bit more traffic for the holiday, but I still suspect the first couple of hours to be casual.  Be sure to check out all the lines that are yet to fill in so as to get a good look at the foundation.  Those reefs you want to avoid are in full relief, so dial those in so you can charge a line when you already know the placement.  Worth taking to time to look around.  Here is a shot of the Tram Goddesses, ready to rip it up on first Tram.  They showed super human execution on those first morning runs.  Nice!!!   I will be making the Jump to the Mother Ship for the next couple of days, so while I will still be posting, I will not be on the mountain.  I will, however, be getting the inside scoop, so you know the info is fresh.  Have a great holiday.  Gobble Gobble!!

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