11-29-13 by dave

While folks are dealing with the shopping frenzy of Black Friday, the smart folks were taking advantage of White Friday by getting the goods that are more important.  I tried to post yesterday, but the ZETAS had the sub space channels jammed to keep me from getting the post up.  Fortunately, the conditions have remained unchanged.  The firmness persists, but that feature keeps the hill from scraping off with the holiday traffic.  The cover continues to be solid on the prepared runs, but off trail still needs caution when treading off the beaten path.  It is a long season and there areDSC01633 training laps to put in, so that when the goods do begin to dump, all systems will be good to go.  Tomorrow, look for another nice day with the morning session affording the best lines of smoothness courtesy of the Cat Crew.  Here is a shot of Snow Guns pumping out the Gun Powder on Regulator, keeping it fresh under the guns.  Yumm!!  See you there for the first boat, as I made it back through the Fractal Portal in one piece.  Stay Frosty!!

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