11-30-13 by dave

With the Peruvian Gulch the only area open for the early morning session, the decision was made, but the Snow Guns were turning out some very nice product top to bottom.  It had the feel of smooth Flannel that just said carve.  Looking for the smoothest lines covered with the over spray was optimum and stood up for a long time if you kept to the sides.  The firmness still is in play but the new additional man made is a bonus.   The lowest section of Chips requires a bit more attention as there are few pebbles littered in one small section of the mat, but a controlled line will avoid the features.  Off trail has been getting some traffic, which is exposing some of the features.  As I said yesterday, it is well to check out the features before we get the new snow next week so you can dial in the lines with confidence.  Regulator was closed all morning for some slope detail work, and it was very nice indeed when it opened again, fully illuminated in sun and smooth.   Tomorrow, look for some flat light if the high overcast moves in as predicted,  smooth lines with some fresh goodness on the machine worked runs, and a light traffic morning, which will be perfect for vertical maximization.  Here is a shot of some of the peaks to the South taken from the entry to Mineral Basin when I was checking it out.   See  you tomorrow for more pre dump recon runs.   IBBY!!DSC01639

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