11-24-13 by dave

Surprisingly, it snowed over night leaving 5 or so inches of freshness on the top of the mountain.  What a treat is was to have the new cover, but the firm surface below was front and center.  The temptation was to let loose, but the smart money dealt with the variations with a bit more care.  I saw a lot of missed turns and spin outs  by some who took it for grated.  Cover is still excellent on the main runs, but just off trail still needs more cover to explore.  The Sun came out for the early Trams, but some low hanging clouds moved in around Noon which make the visibility difficult on the top third of the hill.  The new snow tended to chop up, and the variations became a bit more well defined.  I took that a sign to leave and get ready for tomorrow.  Traffic should be much lighter tomorrow, so it will be fun to take advantage of the machine worked runs after the new snow gets tilled into the mat.  It is always great to get real product from the sky.  Be early there for the best of the day.   The battery in my camera was dead when I tried to get a shot, so here is another of my pieces or Space Art.  Ciao!!DSC00301

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  1. Joe Man says:

    First runs were multi festivo. Thought the cover was gun powder. And fast….

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