11-23-13 by dave

It was a brisk morning with clear skies and a stout wind on the ridge lines that greeted the entusiastic first Tram crew.  There was not as much of a push for the early session, but that was well as there was still limited area on the run. Regulator was the only run open off the top, but the cover on the main section was excellent, however, off the main line was looking mighty thin.  The Snow Guns were pouring out some very nice Gun Powder and by staying with the threads of softness it was hard to tell it was not opening day.  I did not hit any rocks top to bottom and the cover on the lower mountain is getting better by the day.  When the Sun rose up high enough to light the dance floor it was good to go for a bit more power in the line.  Tomorrow, look for more goodness on the prepared runs, low morning traffic, and more sunshine.  It does get a bit more crowded as Noon approaches and the lower mountain gets a bit congested.  Be sure to find a side line and let the faster traffic have the middle.  Here is another shot of one of the Guns turning out some very nice product while we wait for Mother Nature to deliver the serious accumulation.  In the mean time props to the Snow Making Crew and the Cat Crew for making the hill smooth and ripping.  Stay Frosty!!DSC00520

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