11-22-13 by dave

If the weather won’t cooperate the Snow Makers are working the guns in full effect.  After yesterday’s softer feel, the firmness returned, however the Cat Crew did a very nice job smoothing out the dance floor for today’s festivities.  The sky was clear and cold and the traffic was quite light with a nice relaxed feel, though it payed to pay attention to the surroundings as fast movers were hitting it, but with more room to work it was not a problem.  Here is a shot of one of the Guns back lit with the Sun building up the base on Bassakwards where there used to be a major reef before the advent of snow making on the mountain.  To have these sections well covered is a luxury that you don’t appreciate without the long memory of days in the past when it was much tougher to get the hill open.  I remember the patrol and ski school shoveling snow from up slope on plastic sheets to feed the Cat Tracks and provide cover for the thin spots.  Nature will provide, but in the mean time it is nice to have such great efforts to make the hill come alive.  I was able to dial in some nice untracked lines below a few of the guns where the Gun Powder collected.  It was velvety smooth and really was worth getting as much out of the turn in the short sections of goodness.  The Snowbird Site is calling for the Tram to be open tomorrow with Regulator open from the first bell.  I will be making an exception to my no Saturday rule to be there for the First Tram of the season.  It is going to be fun for all, be there for the festivities.  Peace Out.  DSC01631

2 Responses to “GUNS BLAZING”

  1. Joe Man says:

    Your exception could make it an exceptional day….

  2. Randy says:

    We called them Hoop Chutes!! Worked pretty well, remember the Flagadendrons?!

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