11-21-13 by dave

The rain pounded the skin of the trailer all last night and I thought there would be a substantial accumulation on the hill this AM, but there was noDSC00143 lift to this system so there was only 1.5” for added freshness.  While that might seem disappointing, the quality and smoothness more than made up for any lack of depth.  There were fresh lines to be had on the early runs, and after yesterday’s firmness, the added cushion gave dynamics to the my turns that I could not access yesterday.  Lower traffic on the hill made the pace a lot more relaxed with not so much apprehension about  the fast movers.  With no line in the maze, it made for back to back chairs and rapid fire laps. Nice!!  The drive up the Canyon was fogged in, but above Tanners Flats the visibility cleared up and the clarity was very good, though the light was a bit flat.  That was no issue negotiating the smooth runs, and I racked up a good morning’s session before  hitting the goodness of the Forklift Chair.  Tomorrow, look for some additional accumulation as the storm system squeezes out the last vestiges of moisture.  Continued good coverage on the main run keeps the rocks covered and out of play.  Off the prepared runs, however, it is still thin and untrust worthy.  It feels so good to make the turns and feel the energy that everyone is bringing to the hill.  Get there early for the best of the day.  Here is a shot of the Home Planet taken from orbit during my last visit home.  IBBY!!

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