11-20-13 by dave

There was a fair turn out for today’s festivities under cloudy skies with the stoke factor running very high despite the low base. It was so great to see all the familiar faces which always seems like you saw them all yesterday.  The snow pack is quite thin, but the snow making has covered the one open run so that no rocks are exposed.  I saw only a couple of pebbles that had been turned up, but there was nothing to worry about as long as you stayed on the prepared sections.  The off trail was looking dubious at best, however there were lots of folks working the side lines.  I was not even going to sample those lines, and will wait until there is more snow.  The traffic on the hill was contained to the one run, so it was best to keep to the sides and let the fast movers have the middle part of the hill.  The lower road from the Center over to the lower Gad Valley is not recomended, so the shuttle is the best option for now.  The Bass Highway coming back to the Center is well covered and good to go all the way back, so there is no worries on that front.  The forecast is for snow overnight, so there might be some freshness for the morning session, but it will go fast.  Though it was not an epic opener it was nice to have the hill open and turns to be made so the rust can be shaken off.   Here is a shot of the Twins, which will give you an idea of the coverage.  See you for the first chairs in the AM.  Peace Out. DSC01627

3 Responses to “OPENING DAY”

  1. Curtis Kreutzberg says:

    Thanks Gu,think I’ll give it a try tomorrow. Was my boss up today?

  2. Curtis Kreutzberg says:

    So gu, next time you drop by you won’t believe the size of Hannah, she towers over Bear.

  3. Tom and Betty says:

    Hey Dave,

    We made a comment yesterday, but it seems to have gotten lost. Just wanted to say thanks for being there another year. It is more than nice to see all the familiar faces, like it was yesterday. The door to the dream has opened once again. Thanks for teaching us about volition, and to create our own reality, in the beginning, so long ago.

    See you for our reunion in the new year.


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