12-03-19 by dave

The Sun was shining, the carpets were smooth and wide, and the traffic was light for the opening bell. With the Sun shining, the visibility was perfect, and the snow guns were blazing on Regulator, which provided some granular gun powder that made the turns a bit more luxurious under the wash. Here is a shot of the corner gun.

Coverage remains excellent on the open runs, and the smooth is holding up all day long with the light traffic. Trams are running casually, and making back to back Trams is easy, but there is plenty of uphill capacity to get maximum vertical. It was a great day to work on stamina, and line choice. Those high relief terrain features are still prominent, so expect to negotiate the variations. I stopped in to The Summit at Hidden Peak and talked with Elizabeth, who works so hard to make the Summit food so delicious.

It is always a treat to stop in and relax on the peak with such a great facility to enjoy. Tomorrow, look for more wide open groomers to help you get your mojo back. See there for the opening bell. IBBY!!!

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