12-02-19 by dave

The Tram was open for today’s festivities, making Tram Laps a full on push for vertical. The Grooming was excellent on Regulator, and the lower mountain was offering smooth carpets with great coverage. While the main lines have plenty of coverage, the terrain features are still highly defined, making you deal with the variations as the come up. Traffic on the hill and in line was light and there was plenty of room on the hill to dial in your turns. I was working on consistency and roundness to make the ride smooth and stable. Here is a shot of Rock Garden with the wind blowing the product around in the bowl.

I still haven’t figured out what is up with the photos. Hmmmm.

Tomorrow, look for more great smooth machine worked lines. Peruvian Gulch is still being prepared and no word on access, but, in the mean time, the fast laps are good to go and you can get as much vertical as you can dial up. See you there for the First Tram. Dial it up, Dial it IN!

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