4-30-17 by dave

Lingering cold held on the the hill for the morning session, and I had dressed just for the occasion.  The Sun made it a Sunday Funday, as the Groomers were offering mid Winter quality out in Mineral Basin to kick things off.  The traffic was light for the first hour or so, but the Faithful began to fill in, making laps on the Chairs up high the call to avoid the Tram line.  I dialed in some soft lines out on Mark Malu, as it was vacant with the crowd hanging out in Mineral Basin.  There was a big slide during mitigation operations and here is a shot of some of the slide debris.  Just adjacent to this shot was a perfectly prepared carpet of soft, smooth corduroy that just said “Make Some Laps”.  On the front of the hill, there were nice lines to check out, with the High North still holding the cold.  After 11:00AM., the lower elevations began to get a bit thick, and Mineral Basin was going South quickly, making it a good call to stay up high.  Coverage remains excellent, with all the high points recoated with freshness and the majority of the static and rumble gone for the season.   Tomorrow, look for some clouds to be in the mix.  The Groomers will still be the place to be for the Lay It Over Like Ligety program, with the corduroy offering the deep pile feel.  Traffic should be nominal for this time of the year, and access should be quick and easy, as the push is over now.  The High North aspects still should be good to go, but steer clear of those due South and East aspects that will be very difficult to be sure.  In closing, here is a shot of my friend Mike, kite boarding the big open expanses across from Alta.  Note there is not a single track on that hill, which is a very rare site with all this snow.  I will be slipping back to Dark Matter Wars once again, after I pulled an Avatar substitution so THEY would not know I was MIA. What could that hurt?……Nothing!!  Syrup Won’t Stop ‘EM!!

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