5-04-17 by dave

The Star Cruiser was taking a beating by huge Time Waves as I made my way back to base after a intense sortie where we engaged the Orion Archon intervention force.   Once again we were successful and I got back to the sanctuary in time to up load this report via a sub space channel.  Up on the hill, the festivities continue unabated, with corn goodness maturing after some precipitation early in the week.  Great Grooming is being prepared on all sides of the hill.  Here is a shot of some folks from Bountiful UT. who were enjoying the festive weather and snow.  I have been missing the fun and Sun, but the Morning Crew is holding down the Forklift Table and ripping the early morning corn lines that I know are sorbet sweet.  I also missed Fitz May Day.  He was an icon, and I met him on the first day I skied when I arrived so long ago. He was an amazing individual and we all miss him.  Here is a shot of his Mug on the top Tram dock. Here is a much better shot of him in the Tram line one day just a couple of years back.  I see the Ravens cross the sky on those early morning runs and think it is Fitz watching the fun.  Tomorrow, look for another banner corn morning on the hill.  Temps. are predicted to be even warmer than today, so start early and get the best of the day, with that sorbet window going off from the start in Mineral Basin.   Be sure to follow the Sun and wait a bit for Regulator to soften.  The cover continues to be fat, with plenty of lines to check out when the off trail softens. Look to the High North for the late lines.   THE CHEF sends his best from his garden, which is off to a great start. He sent this shot to me across the Cosmos.  If you are coming to SLC and are looking for lodging near the hill, his bed and breakfast is just a hop skip and a jump from all the access points in the Wasatch. 801 580 3283            Have a great corn cycle, and I will try and materialize Saturday. See The Line, BE The Line!!

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