5-06-17 by dave

The sorbet was ready for the opening bell out in Mineral Basin, where a bit of Sun and no overnight freeze left the goods as good as it gets. White Diamonds and Lower Silver Dipper were off the charts smooth and carvelicious, with Lone star also primed for prime time as well.  With light traffic to start out the day, fast hot laps were amazing and vacant.  Here is a shot of Toad Hill.The clouds were threatening from the South, but held off for the first hour and a half.  The front side of the hill was offering sorbet goodness as well, and with walk on Trams, it made the morning a Spring fest of goodness. The day warmed up fast and a quick flurry moved through, but it did not dampen the enthusiasm of the day.  Today marked the Powder Mafia’s Crusy Fest tradition of the Running of The ELVI, with a record turn out for the tenth year celebration.  I got to share the stoke with this crew who were amped to get up on the hill, and the conditions did not disappoint. Tomorrow, look for another Spring day of corn goodness with great lines wall to wall.  Even some of the smoother off trail lines were feeling soft and workable, as the corn quality rivaled the Powder experience.  The temps. might be a tad cooler overnight, so there may be a bit firmer feel to the opening runs, but Mineral Basin will be offering the opening the goods as it sees the Sun first.  Stay Frosty!!

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