5-07-17 by dave

With warm overnight temps., the pack did not consolidate much, but it did cool off enough to offer some beautiful snow cone corn goodness.  The Groomed lines were smooth and dialable, making those steep pitches feel like a slow motion movie.  There was Sun out in Mineral Basin, but there were clouds moving in out of the South, that helped keep the quality good for bit longer.  Here is a shot of Powder Paradise I took from the chair. As you can see, there is plenty of snow  in the back bowl and there is still plenty of cover on the front of the hill as well.  The front of the hill was offering top to bottom sorbet, as the North facing pack seemed to have firmed up just enough to hit that sorbet window.  I made numerous laps there to get those sweet lines down on the lower mountain before the quality went South. Tomorrow, look for more great corn conditions, but get there early to get the best of the day before the sticky factor kicks in.  Traffic will be super light and it should feel like a private resort.  I will be returning to the Dark Matter Wars which continue unabated, but rest assured headway is being made and Victory is certain.  Syrup Won’t Stop ‘EM!!

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