5-11-17 by dave

With these very warm days and cool nights, it has been a corn festival up on the hill.  The off trail has smoothed out and the hill is offering some really nice lines.  Here is a shot of Tramratgetting the sorbet window and smooth lines out in the far reaches.  These are the days that you have to be there early to get the goods.  Here is Tramrat and The Captain out on the landing. These shots give you a great sense of the Corn Goodness that is happening during this last week of the regular season.  Tomorrow, look for more early morning sorbet with the Sun working around the dial as the morning progresses.  The sorbet window will not last long, so be there for the goods.  The weekend should be great as well, with lots of cover still on the hill and live music and festivities on the Plaza.  I am still piloting the Star Cruiser in the on going Dark Matter Wars, but I will make the jump back for the weekend.   END TRANSMISSION

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