4-29-17 by dave

It was clear, cold, and windy this morning, making this the first time in a long time we got to see the Sun.  The cold and wind was going to keep the new product refrigerated before the high angle rays started cooking it.  Heavy pressure for the goods was full on, but they were there for the super conditions that were waiting in the wings and they were not disappointed.   Here is a great shot of perfection waiting for the Faithful when the rope drops that Adam sent along.  The conditions there and in Mineral Basin were all time, and everyone was claiming it was the best of the season.  After yesterday’s quality, this has to be one of the days that will go down in the Legend File.   Here is a shot of some pristine lines that my friend Lackey got out in Mineral.  Tomorrow, look for more great conditions, with full on Groomers to be offered on all sides of the hill. The off trail will be determined by how much the Sun worked it today.  The high North should still be holding the cold as the temps. remained cool all day.  There should be some warming, so get the goods early before it goes off.  See you there for the ground pounding Fun.  Stay Frosty!!

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