4-28-17 by dave

More of the Essential Substance was dropped on the hill, and with the previous higher density product well worked into the dance floor, this added accumulation made the conditions Super Blower top to bottom, wall to wall.  I could not get over how amazing this April 28th delivery felt and flowed.  Hoots and hollers were echoing continually as the Faithful were dialing in their favorite lines.  Most of the hill was open to start the day, and the Peruvian Chair was on line helping with the traffic.  There was a lot of pressure for the goods but the added terrain spread the crowd out much better.  Here is a shot of the accumulation that was, once again, deposited on the Plaza Deck.  This shot was taken this morning and is not a recycled shot from the other day.Mineral Basin opened later in the morning, offering a real treat for the Faithful, who have been waiting for the goods there for these last days.  High Baldy was open as well, with very deep lines that were bottomless and overhead. Wall to wall excellence was the order of the day and the quality and temps. had a fully mid Winter feel.  The clouds kept the Sun from working the pack and the quality remained unchanged all day.  Snow continued to fall all day long and it is still storming here at The Trailer as I write this.  Tomorrow, look for more fresh Essence to be covering the dance floor, more un trammeled areas still waiting in the wings, and another chance to get the real deal before Spring returns.  The forecast is for improving weather and high temps. for the week ahead. Syrup Won’t Stop ‘EM!!

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