4-27-17 by dave

The goods just keep comin’ day after day and today was no exception.   Another foot of medium density product was covering the dance floor, but the high winds were really hitting it hard out of the West.  The faithful were on deck early and ready for more, but with all the extra snow, the mitigation efforts were complicated by very active conditions.  When the hill opened, there was a full court press for the goods, which were thick and wind affected, however, the snow felt cold and dry, making it very approachable despite the density.  I steered clear of the crowd, by dialing in some of the sections along the rope lines, where there were still untracked lines that offered a bit of protection from the wind.  After 2 runs, I visited the Forklift Chair to assess the options.   There was a lively meeting of the Morning Crew, who were comparing notes and planning the afternoon session.  Here is a shot of Elaine, who was furiously working to keep the all the details of the breakfast rush well in hand.  She is an amazing individual, with so many talents, and she excels at all of them.  She makes a gray day bright and Sunny.  Tomorrow, look for more accumulation overnight, so the hill will be under the gun once again.  Pressure for the goods will be heavy again, but the conditions will be worth the wait.  The hill is wall to wall covered and deep, so expect some wind waves to be out and about.  I ran into a couple today, but I was able to blow through them without issue.  More snow is in the forecast, and the temps. will be Winter cold, so dress for weather.  I dressed up for today’s festivities, and I am so glad I did as the wind was biting and the wind chill was penetrating.  See you there for the freshness.  IBBY!!

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