4-26-17 by dave

The Faithful were on deck and ready to partake of the leftover goodness that waited in the wings.  The Groomers were offering mid Winter quality, with just a dusting to make each turn a treat.  Blackjack opened with a much more consolidated feel than yesterday’s offering.  The Tram line was very long again, but patience and good folks made the wait go much faster.  I was able to get 2 quality untracked runs with no pressure by moving contrary to the crowd.  The lower mountain began to absorb some of the ambient warmth of the air, as it became a bit thick as Noon approached.  Mineral Basin opened and that drained the Tram line considerably.  There were still gems to be found with a bit of looking.  Here is a shot of Candelabra that Neil sent.He went looking for the obscure and ignored and scored big time.  Visibility was variable as clouds moved in and out all day, but there was plenty of detail to navigate without any problems.  Tomorrow, look for fresh Essence to have been delivered, as it is raining briskly here at The Trailer.  The hill is in great shape, and with the new product, conditions should be refreshed and good to go for another go round of late April freshness.  Here is a shot of Wynonna, who was wrapping up a great day on the hill. She is a charter member of the Morning Crew and got it all.  Since today’s visibility was not really photo friendly, I caught this shot of a flower arrangement by Julia, who puts together the most stunning arrangements that light up the day and add color to an otherwise gray sky.  See The Line, BE The Line!!

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