4-25-17 by dave

April promised to be a wet one, when I dialed in my Prognosticator Device, and it has now delivered in a big way.  24” was served up for the Faithful, who were in full attendance for the occasion.  With only the Tram dealing with the pressure, there was a big push for the goods.  The Essence was blower, but was medium density, which totally made the old surface just a footnote when you were dialed into the line.  Here is a shot of the tape measure documenting the depth on the Plaza.  The stoke factor was high and when the Peruvian side of the hill opened, the real treats on the hill were delivering well beyond all expectations.  Here is another shot of the accumulation.  Needless to say, I can’t elaborate more on how good the conditions are presently, and will continue to improve as this stream of moisture continues to pour through The Front for the week.  April, historically is a big snow month, and this pay off was not unexpected.  Here is a great shot of my friend Chris Thiel, getting a big day on April 28th 1978.  Of course, this day was sunny, but the quality was just this good without exaggeration. Chris was one of the hard chargers on the hill when I arrived and he was a roll model for me as a newbie.  With all this weather coming at us, I think we can expect even more amazing Powder that will go down in the books for sure.  Tomorrow, look for more to be waiting in the wings, and more stormy weather to go with it.  The hill is in amazing shape wall to wall, with practically no melt off, so all lines are good to charge with unmitigated audacity.  In closing, here is a shot of Coach Rich Reichle, who was suiting up for a big day on the hill with PSIA.  He comes from a long family line of coaches and it was great listening to his enthusiasm.  I know he had a great time with all the new snow, and will have great stories to take home with him after his stay.  Rock ON Coach!!   Stay Frosty!!

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