3-01-10 by dave

Monday Morning was sunny and bright with Mineral Basin calling with the lights on.  Great grooming had the back side good to go,though it would not last long with the soft snow and sunshine working the snow pack.  There were very few seekers on the hill with walk on Trams going off all day.  By noon the groomers were getting chopped up and the South facing aspects were getting warm and pasty, so they will be problematic in the AM.   In other well traveled areas the bumps are building up formidably with fair spacing, but they send me screaming back to the smooth for knee relief and a return to turns that I want to make.  West  facing will also be suspect tomorrow with the Sun working the sections which will have to wait for softening to occur later in the day. The day stayed fairly cold with a light wind, but it did not seem to be slowing the effects on the exposed shots.  Plenty of soft snow is still to be found in the far North aspects which can be accessed quickly with just a bit of traversing.  Some smooth lines can still be found amidst the bumpage if you look to the knolls and spines which seem to shed the heavy traffic.  The deep trees have been worked hard over the last week assuring large bumps in most of the obvious areas.  Be looking for the out of the way sections for best results.  Tomorrow is forecast to be sunny again with the grooming crew providing the goods in lots of great spots.  As anticipated, they have indeed been carving out new sections here and about, so check the grooming report and keep your eyes out for new and exciting sections.  These section don’t last too long any more, so get them while they are in the best condition for maximum fun.   See you there in the AM.  Peace Out!!

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