3-02-10 by dave

There was a huge Sun Dog around the Sun this Tuesday as the wind built up in advance of stormy weather approaching in the next few days.  The high clouds that covered the full blast of the Sun moved off as the morning progressed giving way to great visibility.   The Gad side of the hill, and no doubt the Mineral Basin,  had been worked by the Sun and warmth of yesterday making them, decidedly, more crusty and sketchy than the Peruvian side of the hill.   There were new sections of the hill that had been given the grooming nod to provide epic runs for the few who showed up for the morning session.  For whatever reason, the conditions improved with the overnight warmth and the way the snow morphed under the grooming tillers.  The runs seem to resist the deterioration that characterized yesterday’s progress.  The lower Primrose Path was , again, blessed with the buffage, moving it further toward the Adager treeline making the left side super dry, chalky, and steep.  It is always such a treat to get the lower steep sections dressed for full blast fun.  I mention this often, but the big mountain experience is the standard I look for and the big lower pitches provide the goods that you can only get if you do the hiking to get it.  MMMM good!.  The wind could be working the magic overnight with the pre- frontal South wind  filling in the North facing aspects, eliminating the bumps that now reside there.  In such a case, I will ski it until it is gone, taking advantage of the rare and treasured texture of wind deposited delight.  It looks like a cloudy day tomorrow, so traffic will be light but the goods will be there and so should you.  See you early to get the goods.   Ciao!!!

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