2-28-10 by dave

The wind was busy over night,  blowing the high North aspects smooth with perfect carve-ability with every turn.  The Sun was out for the first bit this Sunday morning,  but as the morning progressed clouds moved in and hung on the hill making the visibility a challenge.  There were pockets of sunlight to be sure, however it did not hold up top to bottom.  The traffic was light on the lifts , though the runs were quite crowded with groups standing around or a frenzy of activity confusing the lines.  I opted to let the folks have the day and bailed to watch the Olympic hockey game.   I have not been watching the weather as of late due to the focus going South.  I figure that if I just ignore it something wonderful will come this way.   Tomorrow I will be looking for continued wind buffing on the North facing and will be taking advantage of the excellent grooming efforts, letting me dial in deep turns to feel as much of the dry chalky pack that covers those shots as possible.  One of the features of today’s fog is that the snow will stay soft, resisting the deterioration the direct Sun brings to those aspects.  I think it will be a quiet week unless we get hammered, then all bets are off as the faithful will be there in force.   Conditions are great and all the new snow will make all aspects good to go, so you can just Go!!!.   Be there!!!  I will.   IBBY!!!

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