3-01-13 by dave


It looked like it was going to be a dismal day as I was driving up the Canyon this morning, but getting to the peak revealed a Sun soaked Mineral Basin as the front of the hill was still dealing with the clouds and visibility issues.  White Diamonds had been given the total buff treatment, and it was a rock and roll fantasy as you could power down knowing it was going to give you all the footing to lay it down like Ligety.  The front side of the hill had been treated to the smooth touch as well, offering a stellar Lower Primrose Path that said yes to every nuance of edge feel.  I just love that top to bottom dance floor perfection.  The Sun finally pushed through the variability, making the entire hill light up with detail.  The smooth held up till well into the afternoon before the chop began to build up.  The Sun was a factor as the day progressed,DSC01333 as it will this time of the season, making the Southern exposures a bit pasty.  West facing was getting the heat as well, but was holding the cold, though it was going to be getting hit with the rays as well.  Tomorrow, look for those aspects that got nailed by the Sun’s rays today to be crunchy in the AM.  Even the groomers on those aspects will be markedly firmer than today, but with a warm day coming, the softening will occur and once again be offering the goods.  Here is a shot of  the rime ice that was caked on the lifts this morning, and it was this rime event that made the buffage so extra creamy.  It does not take much to give it that extra goodness that makes a day snap crackle and POP!!!!    I am taking the day off tomorrow, so hit it hard for me.  See you Sunday.

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