2-28-13 by dave

This morning’s drive up the Canyon revealed serious wind moving the clouds with surprising swiftness.  Up on the hill the wind was indeed cooking, but not enough to bother the Tram and not enough to move much in the way of product to the big lines.  The Grooming Crew had prepared the dance floor to make up for the lack of nature’s grooming, and it was sweet top to bottom with Lower Primrose Path once again going off in a perfect silky ride wall to wall.  I love that pitch when you can dial in the juice and really lay into it.  The Sun was out for the morning session, but a high cloud deck moved in and turned out the lights.  The visibility was good with nice detail, but the flat light made it a bit murky.   I have been staying on the smooth lines that I have been working all week as the off trial is building the interference patterns in a big way.  The wind may well start moving the product around overnight, so look for some lines on the South East aspects and the low lying guts.  The visibility will still be a bit of an issue again, but the Big Smooth can be counted on for consistency and goodness.   I will be looking there first in the AM.  Here is the cover art of Snowbird Secrets that I am putting up to call attention to the Book Signing that is being held at the Forklift Restaurant at 4:00PM on Thursday the 7th of March.  Jackson will be in town, so we figured it would be a great time to make it happen.  Hope to see you there.   IBBY!!snowbird_cover(1)

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