2-27-13 by dave

Today was a perfect example ofDSC01331Great holding up all day.  With the Powder Paradise and Road to Provo opening, really big smooth grooming, cool temps, and bright Sun made the day unfold with goodness from bell to bell.  The left over Essence stayed soft and blastable all day, and only got gummy on the most Southern aspects.  Wide spread interference patterns are building rapidly, but smooth lines are still to be had with a bit of looking.  The underlying rumble is reflecting through, but is now a bit more cushioned as the snow gets worked.  Tomorrow, look for another morning of rock and roll buffage, which includes some of the lower  mountain lines that hold on for just the morning sessions before chopping out.   We will have to see what the weather does, but I am looking for some wind to work the magic before we get the next installment.  There is enough loose snow for the wind to move, and you know how I love wind deposited lines.  Check that possibility in the AM.  We are in the perfect time of the season, where the cover is great, the lines are good to go, and traffic is light on the lifts.  Here is a shot I took today at The Beach where the tradition is still holding up after all these years.  You may remember some shots of The Beach in the 80’s a while back, well here is today.  Great times, Great friends.  See you for first Boat.  Ciao!!

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