2-26-13 by dave

There was a bonus accumulation of very nice Essence delivered overnight, with a full on snow storm continuing all day long.  The depth kept building up with medium density product that began to cushion the underlying rumble.  After yesterday’s exploratory runs, I was steering clear of the highly visited lines to take advantage of the smooth I knew was available. This was important as the visibility was marginal and you needed to get all the stability factors going to keep the variations under control.  As the day progressed, and the new accumulation got worked, the consistency got better, with sojourns out the traverses offering some special sections to find.  The Sun started showing through later in the day, but the snow continued to fall lightly. It was a nice surprise, with light traffic, no waiting, sweet blower accumulation that kept getting better with each run.  Now that is a powder day.  Tomorrow, look for the weather to clear off and a cold morning.  The Sun will be a factor with the quality, so get those South and East faces early to beat the heat, and then move to the sections out of the rays.  The Groomers will be offering some of the best quality imaginable on all sides of the hill.  Road to Provo and Powder Paradise remained close today, so look for freshness as they open.  Traffic should be light again, so get as much as you can with the easy uphill access.  Since the visibility was notDSC00207 photogenic today, I offer this image of my experiments with color and gravity over the Summer.   I never touched this in any way.  Universe driven.   Peace Out!!

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