2-25-13 by dave

After the big Powder weekend, it was time to get back to the quiet pace of a Monday morning.  The groomers were off the charts buffed and creamy, making me not feel bad about missing the fresh untracked. But the Groomers made up for that, as they were so rich and silky that they were offering perfect smoothness which was just as good as any powder day, and it did not get tracked out until after 1:00PM.  A few millimeters of perfect dust covered the corduroy sections, that seemed surreal as the Sun refracted sparkles into the air as you passed.  Nice.  Off trail was worked over solidly, and I looked for the residual smooth that was present last week, but the chop had built up, requiring a hard charging approach, or a slower, rounder gesture to the fall line.  I went out to the boundary areas to check out the last vestiges of freshness, only to find the interference patterns had been built up with the heavy traffic that had found it all.  Softness is still to be found out and about, and will be helped by any additional accumulation.  Tomorrow, look for some overnight accumulation, variable visibility, smooth prepared Groomers, and another day of February Fun.  While I was out in the hinterlands,DSC01321 a temporal anomaly appeared as I was going up the chair.  Here is a shot of the temporal rift as reality blurred around the edges of the portal.  You never know when these will appear, but when they do it is always interesting.  IBBY!!

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  1. claire bear says:

    I found corduroy at two thirty in the afternoon! What a FundayMonday it was! I was so tired from latest installment and the hammerfest of 4 days of pounding that I sacrificed yesterday to save my legs from permanent harm. Little Cloud chair is turning Snowbird into a crusher mountain even for us seasoned LCC lovers!

  2. Lisa says:

    This is a fab pic! Love all the light and circles (robes) love a copy!

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