2-24-13 by dave

Who could blame the faithful for being on deck early for this mornings offerings.  With the Canyon closed, it was going to be one of those mornings.   I gave it a valiant try to get up the hill, but the back up seemed over the top for me, so I bagged  it for the day and told my knees to take advantage of the situation.  Here is a shot of the  Canyon back up, which extended all the way to the freeway.  This is fully 11 miles of back up.  Doh!!! Up on the hill the conditions were  full on Utah Legendary, with 15” of fresh Essence in which to frolic.   Mountain Cams were showing postcard perfect images of the new installment, all bathed in bright Sun.  This is exactly what we all have been waiting for and it has been delivered in a big way.  I do not need to describe perfection to you, suffice to say it was all that and then some.  Tomorrow, look for continued excellent quality on the hill, though some of the old layer might be reflecting through in places, but all this new cover will cushion the ride wall to wall.  Aspect will be a consideration after today’s bright Sun has had it’s way with the direct exposures, so you will find some crunch on the South facing.  West facing might have caught a bit of heat, but I think that will hold up for another day.  Look for lines that remained closed today for freshness,DSC01320 but it will be a wait and see if it all gets opened today or not.  I love surprises and that will go a long way to make up for today’s absence.  This is it, get there and hit the goods.  Ciao!!

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  1. Greg Paul says:

    Guru Dave,

    We met in the tram on Monday and I gave you my business card. Come on over to Momentum climbing gym in Sandy next to REI. It is on me because you do an awesome job with your daily SNOWBIRD UPDATES.


    Greg Paul

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