2-23-13 by dave

It seemed like the storm was going to be a no show when I got up to check  Andromeda’s download feed this morning, but by 9:30AM the front moved through the Valley killing the signal.  DOH!! Hard hitting wind and snow wailed here at the Trailer and it built up fast.   Up on the hill the accumulation was even faster and the road closed to deal with the snow fall later in the day.  It had to be a great day up there, and, judging by Facebook posts, everyone was getting into the energy of the moment.  Storm riding is a special time to be on the hill with the wind, vague visibility, mounting snow, and continually filling lines makes the experience a rare and tasty treat.  The harsh conditions sent folks heading down the Canyon ahead of the closure, leaving the rest of the faithful to work the Essence as it fell.   There was a brief period of clearing skies in the early afternoon, and  I took the opportunity to clear off the antenna array to continue that download feed that got interrupted by the front moving through, but clouds moved in quickly and more snow began to fall.    Tomorrow, look for Canyon issues in the AM, fresh accumulation on the hill, and another day of full on Deep Snow sliding.  We won’t have to hear the ” We need more snow” chant now that the Promise of the Wasatch has once again brought the goods.  “The Chef” would be pleased to be cooking with such great product.  Here is a shot of the Cliffs out there by Ski Patrol Gully gleaming in the morning Sun during our Lewis and Clark lap the other day,DSC01274 while on the front side of the hill the clouds were wall to wall.  This was the other dimension!!  Stay Frosty!!

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