2-22-13 by dave

It was snowing briskly as first Tram left the dock and the small accumulation was more that enough to sweeten the dance floor.  Snow fell all day off and on, with periods of Sun shining through from time to time, and I got to charge White Diamonds just as a window opened illuminating the line.  Seemed like it was just for me.  Mineral was very nice, with some great low angle lines being ignored in the fog.  The hill is getting softer everyday, and the forecast is for a significant installment to arrive in the morning.  The last arrival timing I saw indicates  that an early start up the canyon will pay dividends as it could get very greasy quickly, so get there and go for the coffee top off.  The wind is also expected to be anDSC01317 issue, so go dressed for the storm and riding chairs in big wind.  This could be the wind we need to fill in the Upper High North sections that have been rasty as of late, and I would love to just roll in there without having to tip toe.  Tomorrow will be a toss up in the sense that the wind, snow, and visibility will be challenging, but these extreme conditions so often offer some really special experiences.  I will be off tomorrow to recoup and work on the antenna array.  Here is a shot of the new run sign in commemoration of Glen Doherty that was officially opened this morning.  All his friends showed up to celebrate his life..  Thanks Glen!!   Ciao!

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