3-02-13 by dave

It was a beautiful morning for the folks who made it up to this hill today.  Bright Sun illuminated the dance floor and you had to know they were rocking it.  I took the day off to rest up the knees and deal with the Andromeda down load.   The Sun softened the direct aspects even up high, so there will be some serious crunch when it freezes over night.  There is weather coming in for tomorrow, and it looks like it will be getting started earlier in the AM, so get an early start and get ahead of the storm.  Be aware of aspect when choosing the lines, especially if only a small accumulation is present early on.  The conditions should improve as the accumulation kicks in as the storm is going to last all day.   The North faces are still holding the cold, but the interference patterns on the high traffic areas are in high relief, so look for the edges for vestiges of smooth.  The Groomers will be offering the nice consistent lines you can trust in variable visibility.  There is good cover still holding up after the recent warm up, but use some caution on the steep entrances that got worked this week.  Accumulations will help heal those issues up.  Here is a shot of some very nice snow fancies.    We will see you for first Boat.  Peace Out!!DSC01336

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  1. Rob B says:

    It was good to bump into you in the Mineral lift line. Great day!

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