2-18-13 by dave

It was a cold clear morning with a light turn out for the morning session, but the folks finally started showing up around 10:00AM.  The Grooming Crew had been busy, with big sections prepared on all sides of the hill.  Mineral Basin was going off first with bright Sun and an open dance floor on which to rock out;  Lower Primrose Path was once again sporting a wide and smooth buff that made that giant gully a carving festival.  I was hitting it back to back after I dealt sternly with the back side magic.  Off trail is still variable, depending on aspect and traffic patterns.  Those who are looking for the interference patterns will find them without any problem, but circumventing the features is easy and rewarding with a bit of looking around.  Steer clear of the South aspects until they have had a chance to soften, and with a warm South wind predicted for tomorrow, they should get good fairly quickly.  Tomorrow, expect that wind and look for the wind to transport product if it gets stout enough, which will begin to buff out some big lines, as there is enough loose snow to move around.  The Cirque Traverse is getting tricky, so use caution as you move out there, though any additional accumulation in the next few days will help this quickly.  I expect to see some early Sun in the AM, but the light might go out if an early cloud deck moves in.  Only time will tell.  It should be a bit warmer before this storm.   There was a very well defined Sun Dog around the Sun later in the day, which often times indicates snow in the forecast and indeed there is. Here is a shot of Twins the other day with the clouds moving through.  See you for the morning rock scene.  IBBY!!DSC01299

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