2-17-13 by dave

When I left the Trailer this morning it was looking kind of grim up on the hill, but as first Tram left the dock the sky had cleared off and Mineral Basin was offering bright Sun and big smooth Groomers.  The weekend traffic was a bit late in arriving , so there was a nice morning lull before the traffic began to build.  After yesterday’s warm up, which had affected many of the exposures, the overall feel was quite a bit firmer than just a day before.  Nice Grooming work on all side of the hill were worth hitting hard before things got chopped up with the added traffic. The Tram line kept pace with the arrivals, making back to back Trams possible, but left no time to dawdle.  At 10:30 AM the cold front moved in with clouds and wind, which sent the visibility down hill fast.  The folks out in Mineral Basin, who had been enjoying the sunshine, left the area for the front side of the hill where the reflected light from the trees helped with visual reference.  Precipitation began in a big way as I was leaving at 1:00 PM to get Sunday dinner on, but the clouds cleared off rapidly and it looked as if the visibility had improved up high.  Tomorrow, look for the hill to be worked over by the stellar Cat Crew, and look for new and exciting lines to be punched out, offering smooth arc inducing carpets.  The off trail is still holding the soft, but those sections that saw the Sun yesterday will still be crunchy and a bitDSC01292 difficult, so look for the High North and West facing aspects to still be holding the soft and smooth.  Here is a shot of the Tram cables shining in the morning Sun as the clouds moved in this morning.  See you in the AM.  Stay Frosty!!

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